Updating an access 2016 application

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You don’t have to go and talk with your IT department who may be overworked with other, more important projects.

Precisely because of this ability to create something on a worker’s desktop, Access is has become the most popular database in the world.

My second post will discuss Share Point lists in more detail.

Hi, I’d really appreciate some advice if possible please, I’m an avid “learner” but far from a programmer so bear with me, I’ve been picking up techniques and tips in this learning process for the last few yrs since first using access, I’m from an industrial automation background, but databases are beginning to draw me in! I’ve been developing a database to track and manage changes to control systems at the many sites owned by the company I work for.

In fact, when you examine the difference between Jet Replication and the Offline mode with Share Point, it’s impressive in how simple it is. This truly demonstrate the raison d’être behind Access and Share Point; solving IT problems for common people.

All you have to do is just use Share Point as your data source and everything else about working offline and synchronizing is automatic. And that’s just one of many integration points between Access and Share Point.

Of course, there’s also Access Hosting which specializes in hosting Access web databases and we provide consultation for developmental work on web database that get hosted.

This inevitable reality of moving services off the desktop and into “cloud” will also be examined in a future post.

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To use Access, you’re not required to be a professional to get started, and because you can do it yourself.This can be done a number of times as new correspondence comes in, the emails are saved with the file extension and are numbered in the order they are attached to the change.I then use the double click event of the same field on the continuous form to give the option of opening whichever email has been saved against the change. where on the same continuous form I have another field for the change request where on double clicking I’m opening a template word doc, populating a number of form fields and saving to another folder on the network shared drive, naming the folder with the change request ID and allowing the doc to be opened again from access.Some of you may be thinking, “but there are complex Access applications that require specialized consultants out there!” Well, yes, but that usually comes later in the Access databases’ life and not all Access databases out there end the same way and to me that’s the beauty of Access – it enables companies to develop a line-of-business applications at far less risk, whether monetary or time & effort than if we opted to use Visual Studio.

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